VFX Short Course

Introduction to Visual Effects – Short Course
September 2018 Enrolment


The Introduction to Visual Effects Shortcourse aims to bring visual effects career awareness to rural communities.

Are you interested in working in film, creating amazing visual effects?
Would you like the skills to be able to model and animate life-like aliens and their worlds, giant robots or sci-fi vehicles and environments? Or pretty much anything you can imagine?

Are you interested in creating your own short, 3d animated film as both a vehicle to learn the processes involved and a folio piece to break into the industry?

Australian Visual Effects artist Nathan Mitchell can help explore potential career options and carry out training paths in a small friendly workshop format.
Commencing September 18th 2018

Option 1:
 2 x 1 hour lessons per week for 6 weeks - Tuesday and Thursday evenings
Option 2:
 1 x 1 hour lesson per week for 12 weeks - Tuesday or Thursday evenings.

We recommend Option 1 as the best delivery format for building on skills quickly with constant contact and regular opportunity to ask questions and explore different techniques with close support. More classes and times will be offered for high student numbers.

Currently available in SHEPPARTON (Benalla and Wangaratta dependant on numbers)


2 x 3d modelling (organic and hard surface, also includes some basic Z-brush sculpting)

2 x Texturing/Surfacing 

2 x Animation 

2 x Lighting and Rendering

2x FX (Simulations) 

2 x Compositing.

(each lesson is 1hr in duration)