“I worked with Nathan Mitchell in the Lighting department at Iloura from 2012 – 2015. He is an exceptional Generalist talent and has a fantastic creative eye! He is able to bring work together super fast while looking great, and had the biggest “can-do” attitude in the industry.

Nathan was an exemplary mentor for me when I was starting out in the Visual Effects Industry. His wealth of technical knowledge makes him a brains trust for troubleshooting, no question too big or small, he had always been incredibly generous with his time to explain processes and critique my work. I basically owe him a career!

Looking forward to working together again!”

Alana Lennie, Lighting Technical Director at Framestore

July 12, 2018, Nathan worked with Alana in the same group


“Nathan and I worked together as CG Leads at Animal Logic. I regard Nathan as an extremely experienced animator, and someone whose knowledge and professional opinions I respect a great deal. He’d often be the first person I’d ask if I needed advice on any issue, either technical or creative. He’s also very approachable, and a good leader.”

 Will Reichelt, CG Lead, Animal Logic worked directly with Nathan at Animal Logic July 11, 2008


“Nathan is a great asset on any team. He’s a dedicated, efficient and very talented artist.Nathan and I worked on a number of challenging projects where Nathan was relied on by myself and other and he always delivered. On top of all that he’s a really nice guy and fun to work with. I hope I will have the pleasure of working with him again. What more can I say?”

Jane Milledge, Head of Design, Animal Logic managed Nathan indirectly at Animal Logic August 14, 2008 


“Nathan worked with me at Frantic Films Sydney during Superman Returns, and afterwards. He was a fantastic member of the team who worked diligently on our projects, and really pushed his effort when it came to crunch time. I would recommend him for a position in 3D, supervising animation or working as a generalist in VFX and i look forward to working with him again in the future!

Chris Bond Creative Director, Head of R&D Frantic Films VFX, Prime Focus Group” managed Nathan at Frantic Films August 1, 2008


“Nathan is a genuinely great guy and a pleasure to work with. He is also very creative and talented in a lot of areas of 3d…which make him very versatile and valuable to have on any team. I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

 Chris Harvey, VFX Supervisor & Head of 3D, Frantic Films managed Nathan indirectly at Frantic Films July 4, 2008


“I worked with Nathan on Superman Returns and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him. He is a very hard working and dedicated individual who doesn’t crunch under pressure and delivers amazing work time and time again. I would be happy to work with Nathan anytime!”

 Allan McKay, Senior Technical Director, Frantic Films worked with Nathan at Frantic Films October 1, 2008


“Nathan is the hardest working man in showbiz!”

 Sandy Sutherland, Technical Director, Animal Logic worked directly with Nathan at Animal Logic January 5, 2009


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