Ted – Lighting x 1

After Earth – Lighting of Baboons x1

Ghostrider Spirit of Vengeance – Skull fire FX (Fume FX) x3 clips.

I, Frankenstein –  Lighting x2

After Earth – Lighting of Baboons x1

The SpongeBob Movie – Sponge out of Water – Lighting x 7

Tomorrow When the War Began – Animation and Lighting, Shader and Texture work x2

The SpongeBob Movie – Sponge out of Water – Lighting x 1

Ted – Lighting x 3

Ted – Lighting Shaders Animation of CG backdrop x 1


Mazda BT Ute Commercial – Animation and Lighting of 3d transforming digger and trailer x2

The Pacific –  Modeling and Texturing of background 3d hospital ship x1

Sony Cybershot Commercial – Modeling of camera

Total Oil Commercial – Lighting, Shading and FX of 3d Hot-Room x2

Bendigo Bank Commercial –3d Bubbles FX and Lighting x2

Tooheys Extra Dry War of the Appliances Commercial – Lighting x 4

V8 Fusion Commercial – Lighting x1

Drumstick Summer Parade Commercial – Modeling, Shaders & Texturing, Animation and

Lighting of 3d ‘Beach-bum’ characters  x3

Optus Harmony Commercial – 3d Lead and on set supervisor x3

After Earth – Lighting of Baboons x2